Do’s & Don’ts

So, you got a rock chip. It could be worse… Your windshield could have cracked already. If so, we can take care of that too.

  • Don’t worry!!
  • Do call GLASWELDER at 707 442-GLAS(4527) to schedule your repair as soon as possible.
  • Don’t rub it with your finger. You can get tiny shards of glass in your fingertip. Also, it introduces more contaminants into the damage.. Body oils, dirt, skin cells, etc…
  • Do check with your Insurance Company to see if they’ll waive your deductible and fix it for free. Most companies will. GLASWELDER is a “preferred technician”
  • Don’t subject it to drastic temperature changes. If you throw hot water, or turn a hot defroster on a frozen or very cold windshield, it could cause the chip to spread. Also, visa-versa; hot windshield with cold water, or air conditioning = Cracked!
  • Do remember; it could be worse. A new windshield can cost hundreds of dollars more than a repair. Plus, you risk a leak in the seal of the new one.
  • Don’t try to put any thing on it, or repair it yourself, the less contaminants in the impact site, the better.
  • Don’t put it off, given the right conditions, a rock chip can spread into a crack overnight!!