Glass Repair

  • Mobile Windshield Rock Chip Repair - $50.00 for 1st chip, then 1/2 price for each one after that, on the same windshield.
  • Windshield Crack Repair - $50.00 + $15.00 per inch of crack, up to 10″
  • Distortion-Free Scratch Removal for Auto, flat glass, mirrors, etc. Water Spot Removal for shower doors, windshields, windows, etc. Salt and Acid Etching Removal for windows, etc. - $75.00 per hour, two hour minimum.
  • Windshield End-of-Crack repair - $50. NO WARRANTY. This is a LAST RESORT attempt to stop a crack, that has started to spread, from going any farther. There is a 50% chance of success. If it has gone in front of the driver’s 1′ x 2′ “critical area”, the work will be declined.
  • Payment by cash, check, or *credit/debit card
    *A 2.75% fee will be added to credit/debit transactions